Why Invest in real estate in Tamil Nadu?

Tamil Nadu’s government is actively promoting private land use for industrial use by developing integrated parks in the state. They have further removed the restrictions on plot coverage ratio while encouraging industries to set up along the transit corridors. Moreover, 25% parking space relaxation will be provided for industries set up within 3 km of railway stations. 

  • Contributing 8.95% to India’s net Exports
  • 1st in industrial performance with a share of 11%.
  • 1st in number of persons employed in India
  • 1st in number of factories in India
  • 4th largest urban area in India, with a population of 11 million
  • 2nd largest electronics manufacturing hub in India
  • 2nd largest contributor to India’s GDP with a share of 8.4%
  • 2nd in NITI Aayog’s SDG index 2020-21
  • India’s most urbanized state, with 48.5% of its population living in urban areas 
  • 2nd in economic development index 2017 as per Frost and Sullivan’s March 2018.

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