Invest in the perfect industrial park

The only affordable industrial park close to Chennai 220 KV and 110 KV substations available. Excellent water source (groundwater at 50 ft) Dedicated helipad for the park Railway siding track available within the park. Just 4 mins from Arakkonam railway junction. A single land parcel in a 400-acre expanse can be tailor-made for industry-specific needs. 

The park will be developed by G Square Industrial Estate, with over 15 years of experience in industrial land aggregation with 2000 acres of a land bank to will be developed and 1000 acres of land already delivered. 

Affordable freehold industrial plots at Arakkonam from `1 to 2 crs per acre

If you want your business or industry to reach unseen levels of growth, being in the right

place with the perfect framework of physical infrastructure, connectivity, modern technology, and human resources matters. G Square Industrial Park is the answer. The industrial park will make a difference and be the engine of high-speed growth. Located in Tamil Nadu’s industrial hotspot Arakkonam, G Square Industrial Estate is where great businesses prosper!

Arakkonam has been a favorite with many industrial giants owing to its proximity to Chennai and Bangalore and excellent transport and connectivity. To know more about the project, Click here.