How to buy an Industrial estate plot in Chennai

Industrial real estate in Chennai

Tamil Nadu state is the 4th largest state with diversified industrial manufacturing units. It is the first among the leading states of India that has an industrial presence in automobiles, auto components, pharmaceuticals, engineering, textiles and garments, chemicals and plastics, leather, steel plants, and much more.

The key contributors to the growth and development of the industrial infrastructure of Tamil Nadu state are Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation Ltd (TIDCO), Tamil Nadu Industrial Investment Corporation Limited (TIIC), State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu (SIPCOT) and Tamil Nadu Small Industries Development Corporation Limited (TANSIDCO).

The future industrial projects in the state of Tamil Nadu stand strong with an investment amount of Rs. 17.141 crores and job opportunities for around 55,054 people based on the 2021 proposal. These proposed job opportunities point towards the fields of power generation plants, electronics manufacturing, auto components, IT & ITeS services, food processing units, textile industries, pharmaceuticals, industrial parks, and the footwear manufacturing industry.

Most of the projects revolve in and around Chennai, with an upcoming airport project in Chennai, followed by the same in Coimbatore, Trichy, and Madurai. Chennai is the spot to invest if you’re interested in the industrial real estate market because Tamil Nadu ranks first in India for both supply and demand of industrial real estate properties. Let’s talk about how to buy an industrial estate plot in Chennai once you have narrowed down your investment location to Chennai or Tamil Nadu.

How to buy an industrial estate plot in Chennai?

Investing in the real estate market is a great idea!!! But when compared, investing in the industrial real estate market is more rewarding than any other sector of the real estate market. If you intend to invest in the market for industrial real estate, there are some key pointers to follow on how to buy an industrial estate plot in Chennai.

  • You should have a clear purpose of investment about the type of plot you are looking forward to, along with the approximate size of the land.
  • Based on the type of business, you can invest in already-constructed buildings, semi-constructed sites, shed, warehouse, flex space, distribution center, data centers and much more.
  • Make an apprehend list of requirements that should be met at the site or around it, such as accessible transportation, power and water supply, reasonable labor workers, availability of raw materials around, easy distribution of logistics from the site etc.
  • Always consider the distance of the industrial plot from the city. The farther the land, the more difficult it is for the laborers to travel.
  • A compatible drainage system with a good dump yard should be available for easy deposit of the dumpster from the industry.
  • It is eminent to take into consideration the state’s policies in relation to your industry. The regional compatibility of the company promoting and boosting your business should be taken into account.
  • Once you set your eye on a particular plot based on your business requirements. You should cross-verify all the details regarding the plot, like the precise title, industrial patta, no encroachment and dispute over the land ownership to avoid future complications.
  • To remain in an extended position and progress the site’s development and operation, confirm whether the land has received DTCP or CMBT approval.
  • Once the deal is transferred to your ownership, you can be sure about the benefits you receive from this industrial investment by either establishing a business or reselling the land.

These are a few crucial aspects that answers all your queries on how to buy an industrial estate plot in Chennai.

Arakkonam – the upcoming biggest industrial hub of Chennai

Currently, Arakkonam is the trending industrial real estate sector with various amenities that adhere to multiple requirements of different types of industries. Located very close to Chennai city, this location assures various facilities like easy transportation by road, rail, air, and ship. Other unavoidable amenities available at this location are access to a highly skilled workforce, urban infrastructure, and prominent industrialists like Ramco, TVS, L & T, KCP Cements, MRF tyres etc.

Other major amenities include a dedicated helipad, an excellent water source, and suitable logistics for all industries that can be easily customized to any industry-specific requirements.


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