Everything You Need to Know about Industrial Real Estate in India

Everything you need to know about industrial real estate in India

Industrial real estate can be land or multi-storey buildings that accommodate industrial activities like production, manufacturing, assembling, warehousing, logistics, research and development, storage and distribution. Every state has a dedicated industrial real estate plot for industrial purposes. These plots are designated with a lot of consideration such that it doesn’t affect any commercial business or residential zone. Industrial real estate in India is expanding and contributing a lot to the country’s GDP growth.

There are various types of industrial real estate plots based on the type of industry the land is utilized for. Basically, diverse business types require diversified kinds of plots. Small-scale industries hold single or double-storey buildings that accommodate office space and warehouses. Large-scale industries require spacious plots separately for manufacturing, warehousing, office premises and logistics. Therefore, the industrial properties are segregated based on the physical features of the building correlating with the type of business requirements.

There are several things you need to know about industrial real estate. The face of the industrial revolution has been evolving for centuries, with production, warehousing, transportation, and logistics. Consumer goods have constantly developed as a result of increased expansion projects. Investing in the industrial real estate market is the best thing to do today because it is one of the most important frameworks for society.

Since the industrial revolution, India’s industrial real estate requirements have been increasing. The latest real estate development has led to high infrastructure industrial plots available with various high-end amenities reverberating the industrial sector to perform best with all facilities, utility systems and amenities.

The real estate developers are providing industrial real estate in India with top-notch amenities required for an industry to run smoothly with connectivity to the location through road, rail, air and water enumerating the sole purposes of any type of industry.

Types of Industrial properties

As mentioned above, different types of industrial properties are required to meet additional requirements. Let us discuss the industrial real estate properties in India to invest in.

1. Manufacturing units

Manufacturing units are basically commuting heavy machinery, chemicals, power stations etc. These heavy machinery manufacturing industries are often located in isolated areas the state’s municipality allocates.

These units are owned by national companies that work on specific requirements and have machinery custom-made to meet the current user needs. This machinery can be borrowed as tenants for long-term usage for manufacturing purposes. You can plan to invest in manufacturing units with heavy machinery as the requirements and tenants to utilize it can never meet dead-end.

On the contrary, light manufacturing units are majorly required for assembling the manufactured materials. These places do not require huge premises as it does not involve colossal machinery. Instead, these premises are more often used for assembling and as a distribution center.

2. Storage industry

As the name suggests, the goods, products, and groceries readily available need a place for storage until they reach the consumers. This is where storage warehousing comes into the picture. A vast amount and variety of food, goods, products, machinery and groceries require a warehouse to store. One can invest in this warehousing storage industry and earn a significant rent profit.

You can lease your land for vehicle storage, distribution warehouse of items for e-commerce companies, and general-purpose storage. Keeping the latest technology and trends of one-day delivery in mind, the storage industry is booming, and this is the right time to invest in industrial real estate in India.

3. Flex warehousing

Flex warehousing is a flexible industrial facility that can be efficiently utilized for various purposes. These properties are converted into more than one type for high utility premises, such as a warehouse and office within the same property. These flex industries, the infill industries, are trending in urban and rural areas.

These kinds of industries’ real estate property in India is best for CRE investors as they are multi-purpose and fast-occupied for various reasons by the industrial sector. The car showrooms warehousing, data centers with huge storage capacity with servers, and research-based centers look forward to flexing warehousing set-up for their work.

The industrial real estate industry in India has been rapidly growing every decade. But the recent progress in the manufacturing industry by adopting robotics and automation has increased production but cut down on the labor required to perform the task. However, machinery just cannot replace the requirement of man force in the industrial sector. The need for delivery will always exist in the industrial sector. Thus all the industrial plots are located such that it has easy access to laborers from around that location.


So this is everything you need to know about industrial real estate in India. This brings out clear reasons you should strongly consider investing in industrial real estate in India to gain good profits and monthly income in the long run. If you are looking forward to investing in industrial real estate, consider G Square real estate developers. We are south India’s most prominent and Tamil Nadu’s No. 1 real estate developers. We have helped several industrialists find the right location for their kind of industry. Contact us through our website for more information on available industrial plots within south India.