7 Documents to check before buying an Industrial plot in Chennai

Why invest in an industrial plot in Chennai?

There are various types of real estate plots on the market. However, industrial real estate developments are currently in high demand. People have switched toward online shopping since the epidemic, fueling demand for warehouses, distribution facilities, storage, and flex spaces around the country.

With the emergence of services such as one-day delivery, it has become critical to locate distribution hubs in each location to handle goods and services for rapid delivery. Aside from it, the production and manufacturing departments are in full swing, producing various consumer goods. As a result, the country’s demand for industrial estate plots is expanding. Tamil Nadu boasts the most industrial estate facilities, providing all amenities needed for simple and trouble-free manufacturing and production.

Reacting to the demand for industrial estate plots in Tamil Nadu, the government has released new industrial estate horizons to be occupied for use. This horizon comes with all the facilities that support all types of industries. These plots include easy transportation through rail, road, air and ships, storage facilities, distribution centers and logistics, flex space offices, and data centers.

However, acquiring these industrial estate facilities requires a process and legal documentation. There are certain documents to check before buying Industrial plots, so let’s read the details of these documents.

7 Documents to check before buying an Industrial plot in Chennai

If you’re planning to buy an industrial plot in Chennai, there are a few key documents to check before buying an Industrial plot beforehand. Doing so can help ensure that the property is legitimate and that you understand all of the terms of the sale.

1. Title deed

The first document you should check is the title deed. This document will list the name of the property’s landlord and any restrictions or easements that may be associated with it. It’s essential to ensure that the person selling you the plot is the rightful owner and that there are no legal restrictions on what you can do with the property.

If the seller is acting through a Power of Attorney, you must check this document because the likelihood of a fraudulent transaction is exceptionally high in these situations. When purchasing a plot, one of the most important documents on the checklist is the Title Deed.

2. Patta

Patta is essentially legal documentation obtained from the Tahsildar’s office that clarifies the name of the property’s owner. It is an essential document because it specifies who owns the land. The patta paperwork is required in order to conduct any land transaction.

Any patta document will have the following details :

  • Name of the Taluk, District and Village
  • Patta Number
  • Name of the owner of the land
  • Survey number and its subdivision
  • Is it a Wetland or a Dryland (Nanjai Nilam/Punjai Nilam in Tamil)?
  • Area or locality of the land
  • Tax details

3. Encumbrance certificate

It is critical to double-check that the purchasing plot has no outstanding legal concerns or mortgages. This document is essential when applying for a loan from a bank. This document determines whether the loan is authorized or denied. This certificate contains detailed information about all previous transactions involving the property. They receive documentation with either Form 15 or Form 16. Form 15 indicates that the plot has an encumbrance registered against it, whilst Form 16 suggests no limitations exist.

4. Approval from governing bodies

All the plots in Tamil Nadu are approved by two state governing bodies – DTCP(Chennai Metropolitan Development Approval) and CMDA (Chennai Metropolitan Development Approval). The property is located within the city limits and will get CMDA approval. In cases otherwise, it will receive DTCP approvals. It is essential to have at least one type of approval before you purchase the industrial plot. It is one of the most critical documents required for buying an Industrial plot.

5. Completion certificate

Suppose you are investing in an already-built industrial property. The owner must present a completion certificate issued by the CMDA. This certificate is only awarded if the building meets the building standards of the relevant municipal organizations. The specifications listed in the paper to achieve the industrial standard vary depending on location and the type of structure being constructed. This certificate is only given when the project has been completed.

6. Legal scrutiny report

The buyer should obtain a legal report from a real estate specialist. If the buyer receives a loan to develop a property, the property will be assessed by an advocate affiliated with the bank granting the loan. However, it is recommended that a legal opinion be obtained in one’s capacity to ensure that the property is free of legal liabilities.

7. Property Tax receipt

Property tax collections are classified as either revenue tax for lands and homes or property tax for houses. The revenue tax is paid to the revenue department, whether it is a piece of land. The property tax must be paid to the GCC Greater Chennai Corporation if the property is already built. During the construction period, the plot’s owner must pay the tax to the revenue department. After the construction is finished, the tax amount is calculated based on the tax assessment done by tax assessment officers. This tax receipt is a must-have document when purchasing industrial plots; it eliminates the possibility of any past tax payments being missed or unpaid.

So, these are some of the essential documents to check before buying an Industrial plot in Chennai. Apart from this, extensive research must be conducted to cross-check all the required facilities and amenities one requires to run their business needs smoothly. Cross-verifying all these documents ensures you don’t fall prey to fraudulent transactions and legalizes the complete process for investment safety purposes.


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